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This is not meant to be a comprehensive database by any means, but sometimes I have a little spare time and I like to use it to do translations from Korean to English in the hope that more families can be reunited. I will only post translations made by Koreans who apparently did not have the resources to get someone to translate and therefore posted their appeals only in Korean. I will put the translations on the regular page of my blog and catalogue them here.

Police web site for missing people

Another site for missing children

1980년12월8일 출생 남자아이가 원가족을 찾습니다

Park Chan Joon Holt #K88-1008

Zachary K92-180 DOB Feb. 14 1992

Kim Mi Chin DOB April 16, 1965, left Korea Sept. 6, 1969. Adoptive father’s name possibly “Frank,” U.S. military serviceman.

Big brother looking for Eun-ha, to U.S. in 1973 with American Army personnel and Korean woman

Son Na-jin, born 1983

Choe Ji-yeon and Choi Ji-hee, France, Dec. 1985

Baby boy Jeong (also spelled Jung, Chung, or Jong), Canada, Dec. 2009

Seo Bok-nam sent around 1971-1974

Choe Geum-hee, Denmark, born July 18, 1979

Son of Lee Min-hee, born Dec. 6-7, 1997

Baby boy born Dec. 8, 1980 in Gwangju

Jeong Dong-wook, born March 1984

Kim Gu-ah, separated from family in 1977 at 1-2 years old

Baby born to mother Kim Mee-hyun Jan. 3, 2002. Holt

Daughter of Jin Wi-chang and Kim Gap-yoon, born in 1981/82

Lee Geun-rok, Belgium, birthdate April 15, 1974

Daughter of Lee Jong-im born 1987-88

Kim Min-kyung, born Dec. 6, 1979

Boy sent for adoption Feb. 1998 from Icheon

“Hanuel” (Sky) given to Holt employee March 1996

14 responses to “Looking for adoptee

  1. noelia murphy

    I’m looking to connect with fellow Korean adoptees who were flown into JFK on Feb 1, 1977 on Pan Am airlines. I was on this flight and wanted to try and meet with anyone else who was there.

  2. lisa worthey

    I am trying to help my daughter in law who was born in South Korea October 18, 1986 and she was a twin. “Amanda (American name) had a severe eye infection and needed surgery so they sent her to the states when she was about 4 months old, but after treatment she was not sent back because her mother put the girls up for adoption. How do we even start to look for her parents and her sister? Thank you.

  3. Maria Jose Crisostomo

    Hello, my name is Maria, and I’m married to Park Young-uk, how was born in Seul, on november 29th, 1981; and then in 1987 arrieved in Chile (South America). We are now trying to find his biological mother, however all the information that we have, is his father’s name Park Rae-khon (died on May 2013) and who never wants to give information about Young-uk’s mother.
    I would realley appreciate, if you can help me, to find out, if there is any way to get some information, about her, and finally, after a long journey of 23 years, get him togheter with his mother.
    Thank you!

  4. My fiance and I have been searching for his birth family and so far we have been able to reach the adoption agency. We ave no info on his parents but was told that there was a handwritten note in the basket with him when je was dropped off at Namyondong Police Station in 1978. We believe he was born on 7/8/1978 and believe the letter starts BABY, MY BABY WITHOUT A FATHER. We are hoping the right person will be able to correctly finish it to confirm they are the right person. How should we present the information?

  5. Andy Denton

    lisa worthey This sounds very similar to a girl that my parents adopted as a kid. Amanda had an eye infection and was treated here in the states we had her from the age of 8 months to 8 years. I have been looking for her for a long time. She was born on the same date although I thought it was 1985. Her birth name was Koo Jin Hee. But I might be spelling that wrong. If that helps and she is the same person that would be amazing.

  6. Hello Andy Denton my name is Eric Davis and Amanda/ koo Jin hee is my wife I would like to talk to you if you could please email me at eadavis_2004@yahoo.com

  7. Andy, Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I missed your email. I’m not sure if you have connected with Eric and Amanda, but Amanda really is interested in locating information about her birth parents and especially her twin sister. If you or your family have any information we would appreciate passing it along. I am so proud that she is my daughter in law and I would like for her to have info of her family. Thank you so much.

  8. Hello I’m French and i’m regsitred in website “http://forum.racinescoreennes.org/ at section “Avez vous essayer de regrouper vos numéro de dossier” “Did you try to group your file number” for adoption we have many Number regsitred:
    But before you do to registration.
    Jobi KF.B.D.3-15-66 #10132

    Pascale 10263
    park yang 7850
    Kyung Nam 6778 ou #9443
    b baudhuin 8012
    Tae Sook 82-523/CSY

    Myung Sook K-1725
    Kim Kyung Hong : K 2600
    mait K-5006
    Zinneke K-6613
    min ah K-7566
    Sung-Kwon SINET k-7888 (k75-7888?)
    Rivxav K 8711

    Park No-Hoon K7132

    FleurDELOTUS K70-7261

    min ah K75-66
    MyungZa K75-294

    christelle K76-505
    Saya K76-844/CNA
    FX K76-1416
    lee moung kyu K76-1731
    OcéanPacifique K76-2003
    Mee Ae K76-2067
    nadejoo K76-2326
    Sabi K76-2655
    Jang Yoon Sang K76-2802
    kim kyung sook K76- 2887
    Soeur de kim kyung sook K76-2888
    keeyun K76-2938
    leemat K76-2941
    Lee Kyung Eun K76-2996
    chang delaunay K76-3344
    Pingu K76-3362
    Ninie_SW K76-3370

    Sun Woo K77-386
    Wi Yung K77-440
    Min-hyuk K77-1328
    Soon Ah K77-1464
    park kj K77-1520
    Olivier Cologne K77-1526
    hakchun K77-1647
    Myung Hwa K77-1648
    Kimcheese K77-1677
    In Sook (fille Exnoe) K77-2548
    Ok Hee K77-2874
    �?�미�?� K77-2887
    kyungjin K77-2912
    Soeur à Hyun Chul (eun hye) K77-3071
    Hyun Chul K77-3072
    niko K77-3242
    Sylvie Maria K77-3374
    Kim Il Nam K77-3457
    Cho Jung Sook K77-3643
    Cho Eui Jo K77-3644

    Shin Hyun Jung K78-261
    suny K78-286
    Yo K78-244
    Sun Hee (soeur Yo) K78-245
    hamhamchan K78-946
    �?��?�철 K78-1969
    lilikyung K78-2016
    Leesa K78-2405
    Hang Un K78-2482
    Lj K78-2669
    cricri Yoon Kyung Ok K78-3008
    hyun mee K78-3064
    yung_sil K78-3097
    Sabrina K78-3108
    Choijungah K78-3352
    Kabuki K78-3548

    Filo K79-51
    LYK K79-551
    aliasmimi K79-2737
    kimhwa K79-2887
    nunchi K79-3059

    YungMee(fille Helian) K80-846
    Fille Tara K80-1092
    tommygun K80-1602
    liliwater K80-1740
    jee sook k80-1750
    sans nom ? k 80-2267
    youmi K80-2375
    mee-jin K80-2469
    Hyun Soo K80-2504
    Hyun Ah K80-2594
    Lise K80-2725
    lotus K80-2840

    soeur de cricri K81-971
    esteban K81-1380
    Jong Hwan K81-2069
    madrina K81-2565
    Eva K85 2589
    soeur à jin yong K81-2676
    frère à jin yong K81-2677
    jin yong K81-2678

    Shin Yoo Mee K82-591
    Mee Yung K82-1062
    Jung Soo K82-1584
    morgan1982 K82-2595
    Vanessa K82-2902
    hmykina k82-3181
    Ihn-Hwan K82-3752

    Noh Kyung Chul K83-78
    Jung-Hwan K83-1721
    o0Manu Jung0o K83-1986
    chul-woo K83-2040
    Betty K83-2077
    Jin Kil K83-2083
    jillie K83-3528
    Yungduk K83-4221
    Jo Pae K83-4308
    petite stef K83-4339
    Mathilde K83-4413
    Kevin JK K83-4787
    Gabie K83-Z811

    jo dal rae K84-242
    keemy K84-552
    anna oh K84-564
    Bong Ja K84-1422
    jang-suk K84-1707
    karoheera K84-1814
    cho yung hee K84-2113
    kimshi K84-3049
    shadowcat K84-3930
    korynkim K84-4079

    paulette K85-12
    Sun-Mee Lee K85-693
    Bo Ram K85-1542
    Shin Sook Kyung K85-1608
    céline K85-1049
    Lee Jee-Hoon K85-1192
    Jang Yun Joo k85-1378
    Aphoesya K85-1498
    Tim K85-1707
    Lee Yoon Jin K85-1997
    kobio K85-2046
    SungJoonShin K85-2275
    Princess Aurora K85-2313
    Jung, hye yun K85-2316
    seung hyun K85-2376
    Alain Park suk (Fils Timi)K85-2949
    eun joo K85-3280
    Benyoungsoo K85-3587
    SunWoong57 k85-3779
    Kyoo-bum K85-3888

    Do In Soo K86-442
    koreansky K86-623
    nanou K86-908
    aehr K86-1398
    MinKyung K86-2122
    Miori K86-2416
    Naho K86-2808
    yoon K86-2924
    aesop K86-3592
    Marion K86-4415
    persephonis K86-4670
    Graine2riz K86-4809
    CHOI Sung Woo K86-4881

    Scytale K87-221
    Choi Eun Kyung K87-283
    Keum Jong Tae K87-1825
    mari d’imadoki K87_1970
    hyun Seung K87-2601
    May K87-3498
    Shin Kee Suk K87-3513
    kimkim K87 4210

    Joo Hee K84-308
    shin sun joo K88-418
    Hyo Rim K88-815
    Min Jin-Ah K88-1413
    mee ra K88-1780
    WaloO K88-1997
    étoualoudéloumière K88-2180
    현우 >.< K88-2293

    rom K89-825
    kim jung-mee K89-1076
    Han Kyung Mee K89-1242
    Jujute K89-1756

    Choi Moon Chul (Fils Timi) K92-560

    If you have a corespondence , registre you and after mybe you can call.

    Good Luck!!!

  9. Léa Joo Mee

    Hi, i was born in korea in 4 april 1993 and my number case is K93 – 510.

  10. Alex, efface ton message. Occupe toi de ton dossier si tu es un adopté. Je n’ai pas fournit mon matricule sur racine co pour le voir réapparaître sur ce blog.

  11. Hi, I hope you will read my message.
    My sister and I were adopted in 1985. I found a blog “http://fait-en-coree.blogspot.fr/2010/05/la-recherches-de-leurs-filles-adoptees.html” where it’s written that a mother is looking for her children. 2 sisters, group A. The little one has a burn on her arm.
    I have a burn on my arm. So perhaps, we correspond to the sisters described on the ad of that woman. How can I find her name please?

  12. Very nice of you to translate. I hope they find each other.

  13. Looking for birth parents. Born 3/3/1987 with name Hyeon Ae Yoon . Born in Seoul

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