Korean Adoptee … Learns Korean! Part 4

Haven’t been blogging because I’ve been doing other things (like changing the adoption law in Korea, woot woot! – see the TRACK site) but to finish up this little series on learning Korean and let my fellow adoptees know that IT CAN BE DONE …

BAM! I finished language school! I didn’t get the best score in the world, but I did go through the whole program without flunking a level. 🙂 I think the important thing was just to keep going to class even though I had to sit my exhausted butt on the bus for three hours every day …

And here’s the bottom part of my certificate of acceptance into  Seoul National University, “the best” university in Korea. Tomorrow I will start my master’s degree in public policy, with my first class being economic analysis. I have to hear the lecture in Korean and most of the reading is in English, thank goodness. I am only funded through the KGSP scholarship for a master’s, but now that I realize it is a combined master’s and doctorate, tonight it crossed my mind for the first time that maybe I should snap up a PhD just because, um, Korean people would respect me more. And then I can have my way. So it totally makes sense to do a PhD even though I will be like 45 years old when I graduate.

Autumn is here. A new school year is always a good time to set new goals and shape the rest of the year. One year from now, Fugitive Visions and Outsiders Within will be out in Korean editions; I will have half a master’s degree under my belt, and my Korean is pretty much going to rock. I will have moved into a place where the rent is free, so economically I will be better off, and we’ll see how the adoption law amendment is being implemented. So I think it will be a good year.

Now I have to get my school clothes ready for tomorrow. Have a great semester everybody!


9 responses to “Korean Adoptee … Learns Korean! Part 4

  1. Hooray and congrats!!! You rock, and totally do the PhD. I’ll be pst 45 when I finish mine. We can be the ajummah PhD’s. 🙂

  2. That strange German guy


  3. Congratulations on all fronts!!!!!

  4. Hello, I finally found this blog after quite frantic googling. In fact, I was so moved and astonished by one of your articles on pressian.com page: http://www.pressian.com/article/article.asp?article_num=20111005154558&section=03&t1=n You see, that was the first article I’ve ever wanted to know further about the author and her activities–well, the name “Jane” gave me the idea that the author would be a woman, probably. Anyhow, you are a fantastic writer. You made me read the long article (I don’t usually read), you made me care about the issue (I don’t usually care), and you made me interested in you. So I “naver”ed and “google”d–제인 정 트랜카 (all I could find under this name was news articles), Jane Jung Tranca, Jane Jeong Tranca, and finally Jane Jeong Trenka!!! Wow, you even have the Wiki page. Anyway, your works are very impressive and especially meaningful to me, a Korean American. According to this post, your Korean efficiency is pretty new….. and yet, the article seemed like something a Korean pro wrote! That’s even more amazing. I am really excited to get to know you more. And I really thank you for what you’ve been doing. I support you deeply.

  5. Congratulations! Go for the PhD – it doesn’t matter when you get it!!!
    I am new to reading about your work firsthand, but my friend, Margie, will catch me up! Thank you again for all you are doing.

  6. Wow! Big congratulations!^^

  7. Ironic that the certificate is in English, no?

  8. Cool! ! ! Always wanted my PhD, but never had the energy to finish the trip!

  9. Congratulations to you darling. You deserve it. It’s been hard earned.

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