Zachary K92-180 DOB Feb. 14 1992

Name: Kim Joon Su 김준수
Adoptive Name: “Zachary”
Adopted to the U.S. through Holt
DOB Feb. 14, 1992

Pictured below at 8 and 9 months.


Your Korean father is looking for you.  He did not know that you were sent for adoption and has been looking for you for years. Holt gave him these pictures and your first name, but not your last name.  I have met your dad recently and he’s a really nice guy who works very hard. If this is you, please send an email to and I can translate a message for your dad and also give you more details.


7 responses to “Zachary K92-180 DOB Feb. 14 1992

  1. How devastating…My heart goes out to this father. My Appa was also not consulted or notified regarding my relinquishment and adoption in 1975…he searched for me for years…and it was only in 2009, 34 years later, that we found one another…I’ll be sure to spread the word…

  2. i wonder whether it is normal procedure for holt not to fully disclose all the informations they have about zachary. if it is, that has to change as well.

  3. whatisbest

    In America and all places fathers do not appear to take responsibility and use the I didn’t know lines. I tend to wonder if he knew and waited for the biological mother to take action or if he did not really know. In any case I am happy that he is interested in his biological son and hope they can connect soon.

  4. I wish I could find my father. He was a Korean military policeman apparently. My mother was a U.S. soldier. My birth would have gotten her in trouble and she had to leave Korea. She put someone else’s name as the father and she doesn’t or won’t tell me anything about my real father. A shame. I would have liked to have experienced the culture.

  5. Jane

    Why not send this info to the American counterpart agencies that work with Holt Korea and see if a match can be made that way. There isn’t that many and could easily be emailed.

  6. Thank you Kathy. Can you help me navigate this list please?
    Between all these and the agencies that have likely closed since placement, where to begin?

  7. How cute is he. even his name is so lovable. Reminds me of a character in the bible.

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