Thanks and goodbye

I’ve been employed at Yonhap News for 3 years, 7 months, and 5 days. It has been a good run. Today is my last day and I’m feeling a little sad to leave. I’m so thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given and the knowledge of Korean history, politics, and company life that this experience has given me. Plus that, my colleagues have been great, and the paycheck, regular schedule, and benefits have really helped to stabilize my life and give me a good base in Korea.

This job is the reason why I’ve been able to stay in Korea so long — about 6 years now.  The first two years or so, which I wrote about in Fugitive Visions, were pretty rough, and I think if I hadn’t landed the Yonhap job after that, I probably would have left. (It seems that this is the way it goes for people in Korea — either something great happens for you after a couple of years and you stay for much longer than planned, or you’re completely burned out after those two years and run screaming.)

When I get done with school (1 year of language, 2 years of a master’s degree in public policy), I’ll be 41 years old. Achieving your dreams is done better late than never!


9 responses to “Thanks and goodbye

  1. Achieving your dreams takes guts. Congratulations.

  2. Heading of your blog says “Bitter Angry Ajumma” But you don’t look at all like an ajumma. Good luck in your studies and btw 41 is not old.

  3. Jane, congratulations on an incredible job at Yonhap, and of course at TRACK. That you wrote a book while working at both of these gives you rock star status in my book. I know you’ll complete your degree with the same success.

  4. You have achieved so much. And I am glad for that because all the way back over here, completely disconnected, it changed me.

  5. Jane–From all of us at KUMSN, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done to advance the cause of the moms. All our best wishes!

  6. Nice work! You’re so brave to live in Korea and your achievements are really inspirational to the rest of us adoptees! Go you!^^

  7. 도시농민

    얼마전에 영등포 시장에서 막걸리 먹을 때 보고 이렇게 블로그까지 왔네요.
    ‘피의 언어’ 꼭 읽어 볼께요. 이제부터 연구활동을 시작하시겠네요.
    이사도 잘 하시고, 대한씨에게도 안부 전해 주세요

  8. Jane – hope classes are going well . . . best of luck!

    Hope you were able to get more information on locating Kim Mi Chin.

    Missed your blogs!

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