Fold-out Barbie Truck

All this time, it was OK to have hairy legs in Korea. You’d see the prettiest girls with a full face of makeup and high heels, and in between they’d have these shaggy legs. And then one morning, this Veet truck was parked outside my house and people were handing out de-hairing samples. I was kind of sad that the era of gorilla has ended.

I was thinking I’d like a truck like this for TRACK. The TRACK truck could park in a different area of Seoul every day and hand out pamphlets about birth control. Then I thought maybe that’s unnecessary, because I think the rule of countries where hairless legs is the norm is that you never unexpectedly get lucky — unless your legs are hairy.

So carry on, Veet truck! Onward with creating an artificial norm of hairless legs for Korean women! SELL SELL SELL!

(Meanwhile, Birkenstocks have become popular in Seoul. I’m so confused.)


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