BBC documentary

The BBC documentary “Korea’s Lost Children” is now online here.

More information on the article is available here.

As my husband pointed out yesterday, what is interesting is that Molly Holt doesn’t contradict anything that we think as far as the actual facts.  It is just her interpretation that is different from ours. For instance, she says that 20% of unwed mothers who come to Holt end up raising their babies. That’s right! But while she thinks that’s great, we think the glass is 80% empty, not 20% full. Wouldn’t it be great if 80% of mothers kept their children and if the agencies had an incentive to counsel them in that direction? And while there is discrimination against unwed mothers in Korea, we think that we should work hard to dismantle that terrible discrimination instead of enabling the system of prejudice to continue, business as usual. And yes, we also agree that it’s nicer to be walking around alive than to be buried dead on a hill.


3 responses to “BBC documentary

  1. Is it broadcast on Korean channels as well or with Korean subtitles. Obviously the program will have a wider audience in Korea if it is broadcast in Korean or with subtitles.

  2. It’s a radio program in English. 🙂 There will be translation from Korean to English for English speakers and yes, I do hope that Koreans will hear it. Elite Koreans speak English anyway so I will hopefully be able to at least send them a podcast link.

  3. The documentary is definitely in the right direction. Hope the people that matters in Korea are listening.

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