Yonhap News reports, art exhibit

Recently Yonhap News released a slew of articles in support of Korean unwed mothers. TRACK was proud to help out again and to have our activism be featured along with our friends Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network and Miss Mamma Mia. Since Yonhap news gets funding from the Blue House and is generally pro-government (to whatever government is in power), I think that the meaning is that our message is becoming more mainstream in Korean society and within the government itself.

Yonhap Reports, July 2010

<‘미혼모의 천국’ 호주..생활비만 월 100만원>

<영상뉴스> “색안경을 벗어라” (video)

여대생 미혼모 김득원씨의 하루 (video)

<연합인터뷰> 한국미혼모가족협회 목경화 대표

<연합인터뷰> 한국 미혼모의 대부 보아스 박사

<여대생 미혼모 김득원씨의 하루>

<성폭행·임신·출산…”그래도 딸이 희망”>

스티브 잡스도 오프라 윈프리도 미혼모 자녀

<대한민국 미혼모 보고서> ①”우린 당당한 싱글맘” (includes video)

<대한민국 미혼모 보고서> ②학교서 쫓겨나는 10대 (includes video)

<대한민국 미혼모 보고서> ③ 손은 못잡아줄망정

<대한민국 미혼모 보고서> ④ 얼굴 없는 아빠들

<대한민국 미혼모 보고서> ⑤지원 따로 현실 따로

<대한민국 미혼모 보고서> ⑥ 기업들도 가해자

<대한민국 미혼모 보고서> ⑦선진국의 지원책(끝)

Art exhibit videos

Finally, here is a video by Leanne (Suki) Leith on the art exhibit“Collection of One.” Thanks to Paik Yeonah, Jes Eriksen, Jeanne Modderman, and Solim Sirgey for sharing the photos. Suki is working on a Web site in which you’ll be able to see more information, including the names of all the donors, volunteers, and performers.

Here’s a link to Rep. Choi Young-hee’ site for photos of the closing party for the exhibit.

And these are videos by Jes Eriksen on the making of “A Collection of One.” Thank you Jes!



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