New book review

A book review of Adoption Healing by Joe Soll at Conducive.


2 responses to “New book review

  1. HI Jane,
    I respect your opinion and haven’t read the book, but my feelings of Joe Soll aren’t so positive. He sells “healing weekends” at his house and other destinations farther afield from NYC-area where he practices. His claim of being Korean is dubious at best. His DNA showed a trace of Asianess and he claimed Korean based on this. He presents as a white guy. I think claims to be Korean to tap into the large Korean Adoptee market. He has tried to make another adoptee admit they’re “damaged” in public while speaking on a panel with them at a conference. Finally his website is atrociously designed (petty, I know). I know my reservations about him are shared by other Korean adoptees I’ve talked to about him, too. Of course I don’t know if you’ve heard this before or not, but I feel compelled to let you know since your voice is so influential in our community.

  2. Same here, He just ask me about dna testing on his Adoption Healing Network and then tell me it a scam lol I have had matches that have shown that an aunt who the adoption dept here in Australia said is my aunt match me ! both my mother and I are adoptee. I think I seen a video somewhere where it said he did dna testing, anyone know what it was call it was on u-tube I think and he still pushing those books too well a lot of people are doing very well with DNA finding family lost to adoptions and those that have papertrail and want it confirm it the correct line I will not be posting on there there again he shown his true colours !

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