Big brother looking for Eun-ha

Name: Eun-ha

Adopted to the U.S. in 1974. (Mother died in 1973.)

Adopted to a man from the U.S. Songtan Army base and a Korean woman who lived with him. They were in Korea for 1 year and then went to the U.S.

In 1973 Eun-ha was 3 years old.

I’m not sure but the woman’s name might have been Mee-sook.

Big brother was also adopted to another house, so I have another name on the family register.

Please contact me.

Paek  Seung-bae 010-7447-0583.

이름: 은하

74년도 미국으로 입양 (엄마는 73년도 돌아가심)

송탄미군부대 남자와 동거중인 한국여자분에게 입양되었음.  1년정도 한국에 있다가 미국으로 들어갔다고 함.

73년도 당시 은하 3살

확실하지 않지만 미숙이란 이름으로 갔다고 함.

오빠도 다른집으로 입양가서 이름이 다른 호적으로 됨.


백승배 : 010-7447-0583


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