Sisters sent to France

Korean families are looking for overseas adoptees and they are posting on Korean-language Web sites, where it is pretty much guaranteed that no overseas adoptee will ever look. Damn, that makes me mad. Who helps these people? Why don’t they have an integrated search Web site and everything translated? Why is there not a central national database that everyone can go to instead of here and there scattered all over the place? Anyway …

The poster says the siblings sent to France October 1984 through Holt, blood type A.

I think this is another post by the same person.

It says that the sisters went to France together. The younger one has a burn on the arm. The baby photo is a picture of the older sister at the age of 1 month.

Here is a photo of the person who posted.

(Keep in mind that sometimes the parents do not really know what country the adoptee was actually sent to. So I think they might be in France, might not be.)

Here is another set of sisters who were supposedly sent to France through Holt.

Choe Ji-yeon (left) and Choi Ji-hee (right)

They were sent for adoption at the ages of 6 and 4  (probably Korean age, so in Western age 5 and 3)   in December 1985.


4 responses to “Sisters sent to France

  1. don gordon bell

    Perhaps the KCare could facilitate such a website function with a registry as it is supposed to do. Since I probably won’t be invited to many ASK or GOA’L events I should look into working with KCARE, kick some buns over there. I will ask Steve about that.

    Thanks for the notices. Are you aware of more such postings, and do the four PAS of the Big Four have any service. Seems that what is done in other countries should work here as well. Still would like to get together with you, (perhaps alone would be safer.)

    The Pariah

  2. Yes, there are 100 such postings on this board alone. You need to know Korean to navigate the site. That’s too much to ask from an overseas adoptee isn’t it!? Yes, KCARE should facilitate the site, not sure exactly what all the Big 4 are doing but obviously it is not coordinated and the Korean parents often don’t even know what agency the child was sent through. (Sometimes I think “Holt” is like “Kleenex” or “Coca-cola” — it just means “adoption” “tissue” and “pop.” Yes I’m from Minnesota.) Yes, all those who are working closely with the agencies, who have access to data and funds, should be working hard on this problem of family reunification. It shouldn’t take that much of an effort, just enough time to care to do the translation. The info is basically all the same so it’s not difficult. I’ll take ribs but need to eat them at lunch since I work at dinnertime.

  3. Gyui Ohk Kofod


    I just saw the picture of my two dauthers Choi Ji-yeon and Choi Ji-hee. I have the original picture. I have asked Holts in Seoul Korea and frequently updated our contact information’s there. Also I have send a mail to the france web site but without getting any reply. However I did not write on the picture the names of my dauthers so I wonder who did. I love my dauthers and I would do anything to get in contact. So any information where is a better place to post messages would be apreaciated. I am now living in Denmark and every single day i miss them still. I always pray and dream of seeing them again. Can aynone help …. please.

  4. 미경씨에게

    안녕하세요. 혹시 저 한테 개인적으로 이메일을 보낼 수 있습니까? 얘기 합시다…

    제인 정 드림

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