Beautiful mother looking for her son

Here’s a very young baby who was adopted overseas through SWS whose mom is looking for him on the  Holt bulletin board.

This boy baby whose family name is Jeong (can also be spelled Chung or Jong) was born April 6, 2009 at 5:15 a.m. in  Gwangju. He was sent to Canada via SWS in the beginning of December 2009. He has a round face and blood type A. When he was born his weight was 3.45 kg and his length was 54 cm. The person looking for him says that she hears some news through the adoption agency, but she would like to know the special features of the adoptive parents (like more specific information) and also their address. She says if you see this on the Holt board, please send her mail.

Is this your 1+ year old adopted baby in Canada??
Your baby’s natural mother wants to have a relationship with you and her/your son.

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