“Advice for improving support for unwed mothers”

My translation again– suggestions for a better translation welcome (especially on 11 and 12!!)

Cartoon’s title: Wise Mr. Kwan-ik

Published March 9, 2010

“Advice for improving support for unwed mothers”

1. The woman in the middle is the unwed mother. Goblins are “societal discrimination,” “isolation beginning with family friends,” “the hardships of life,” and “unkind treatment.”

2. Springing up in bed, she says, “No! Ah, I was dreaming.”

3. “What will I do? Baby, Mommy really wants to protect you but she doesn’t have any self-confidence.”

4. (At the Ob-Gyn, suggesting abortion): Now, my first horrible thought is .. but not this ..

5. (At the adoption agency): Should I have adoption counseling? But If I send my baby overseas for adoption we’ll be separated forever …

6. Wa ~ ha ha ha!! Da da da da!

7.  “Baby, my baby.” “Mommy is the best!” “Be careful so you don’t accidentally fall.”

8. “You really love her, don’t you?”  “Oh yes, she’s so pretty.”

9. “Wait a minute.”

10. “You were looking just before … You look tired. Can I give you help. Perhaps, are you divorced?”

Unwed mother says, “Yes, you look so happy with your baby. I also want give birth and raise my baby but …”

11.  “Pregnancy and birth by unwed mothers isn’t encouraged, but I think you look like you’re responsible and you want to care for your baby, so you have to get respect and protection. ”

“Right, but if that’s true, wouldn’t the existing system have to become outmoded?

12. (At the unwed mothers’ home): Right. Therefore, from the Citizens’ Rights and Interests Committee, support has been expanded for unwed moms in the form of child-rearing consultations, support for medical expenses and housing expenses, and facilities where unwed mothers and their children live together. They are leading the way to improve the system of fast deliberation/careful deliberation about adoption.



One response to ““Advice for improving support for unwed mothers”

  1. WooHoo Is this progress?

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