Series of new articles

These articles are the prose-ified version of  the first half of the Powerpoint presentation that I gave on book tour. Also read the article by guest blogger Choi Hyung-Sook, an unwed Korean mother who is raising her own child after she got him back from the adoption agency.

Choi Hyong-Sook’s article:

My series:

And now for a stupid Korean video. Ha ha ha. Isn’t it funny?

Is It Possible for Homosexuals to Adopt?

Young Chung goes to the adoption agency.

Lady: Why did you come?

YC: I came because I want to adopt.

L: How old are you?

YC: I was born in 1985.

L: Are you married?

YC: I haven’t married yet. Actually, I’m gay. Anyway, I can’t even make a baby and adopting is the only way I can do it.

L: As you know, in Korea, homosexual families are not recognized under the law. Because those kinds of people can’t get recognition, if you adopt, you have to be single (celibate). Adoptions by single people have age restrictions.

YC: Age restriction?

L: Yes, the restriction is 35-50 years.

YC: If I can adopt, I’ll raise the child to be pretty  and be thoughtful. These days, I want to have a baby, but I can’t. Really, nobody can understand how I feel.

L: A person who is too old can’t adopt. Please understand. What I’m trying to say is, you have to tell me you’re going to wait or … Presently adoption is hard.

It’s not possible for homosexuals to adopt. However, singles can adopt if they meet the age restriction.


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