On and Beyond Korean Adoption

Lee Herrick’s guest edited edition of Asian American Poetry and Writing is out.

My contribution is an interview with Jennifer Kwon Dobbs and Sun Yung Shin.

There’s also an excerpt from Fugitive Visions in it, and here is another different excerpt of FV from Korean Adoption Studies Journal. Enjoy.


One response to “On and Beyond Korean Adoption

  1. i just had to stop in and tell you that i can’t put your book down. it is absolutely compelling, beautifully written and has made me question how i will tell my daughter’s story- how we came together as a family, without leaving her to believe some of the things you did growing up.

    how i wish more than anything she had the ability to find her parents one day. i can only hope that her country of origin will change their policies for the sake of the children.

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