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On and Beyond Korean Adoption

Lee Herrick’s guest edited edition of Asian American Poetry and Writing is out.

My contribution is an interview with Jennifer Kwon Dobbs and Sun Yung Shin.

There’s also an excerpt from Fugitive Visions in it, and here is another different excerpt of FV from Korean Adoption Studies Journal. Enjoy.

Blogging at Conducive

I started blogging at Conducive in an effort to reach a wider audience.

I’ll still post things here, but I’ll also direct you over to Conducive for some articles.

Cruise on over now to read my new article and see a photo of my birthmother mother.

What does “Gotcha” mean?

November is National Adoption Month. What would such a celebration of adoption, whether in the U.S. or another country, mean to my Korean birthmother?

At the time my mother became a “birthmother,” I was six months old, and my sister was four years old. Because she passed away about nine years ago, I will take the liberty of imagining what she might say about the meaning of adoption in her life, if she could read other people’s blogs in English, and if she could blog back.

What Adoption Means to Me
By Lee Pil-rye