Domestic Adoption in Korea

Despite a lot of positive publicity, domestic adoption is actually going DOWN, very steadily, in South Korea. The government should use its funds to support single moms in raising their children whom they love, and who have a home already — not promote domestic adoption.  Check out the statistics at


2 responses to “Domestic Adoption in Korea

  1. But there’s a decrease in total adoptions, both domestic and overseas. If you look at percentages it goes like this:

    domestic adoptions (%)
    1999: 1726 (41.74%)
    2000: 1686 (41.67%)
    2001: 1770 (42.08%)
    2002: 1964 (45.36%)
    2003: 1564 (40.61%)
    2004: 1641 (42.08%)
    2005: 1461 (41.01%)
    2006: 1332 (41.22%)
    2007: 1388 (52.33%)
    2008: 1306 (51.09%)

    I still wonder why the publicity results in a -1.3% change? It’s still a lot better than figures a decade ago.

  2. Yes, you can see that very graphically on my chart at

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