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Nothing About Us Without Us

Do you believe that access to medical information is important for all people, including adoptees and the children of adoptees? Are you a Korean adoptee who believes that you should have a say in the laws that Korea makes about the lives of existing adoptees and future adoptees? Would you like fair laws to govern the birthfamily search process? Do believe that unwed Korean mothers should be educated and supported in keeping their own children? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you may be interested in what is happening this fall in Seoul with the revisions of Korea’s adoption laws.

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Domestic Adoption in Korea

Despite a lot of positive publicity, domestic adoption is actually going DOWN, very steadily, in South Korea. The government should use its funds to support single moms in raising their children whom they love, and who have a home already — not promote domestic adoption.  Check out the statistics at

Chuseok is not Thanksgiving.

I had a new essay published in Korean in Pressian, and I put the original English on the TRACK blog here:갔다-올께/

Delivery gone wild


South Korea is the land of convenience. Here, you see that you can be so lazy that not only can you eat at McDonald’s — you can also get it DELIVERED to you by motorcycle.

Whoever thought of delivering babies for adoption was really smart. I bet they make more for delivering babies than ice cream cones.  Plus that, babies don’t melt.