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WeDontwantyou – Keep them |121.55.250.Xxx |2009-08-06 12:15:10
It would be great if Koreans would stop dumping their unwant ed babies in the USA. Keep your korean trash.

2 responses to “New article

  1. Well written article and points you’ve made before, but put together here very nicely.

    It is a tough thing for those of us at the consuming end to hear, but no matter how much abuse you receive for it, it still must be said. Eventually we will all understand.

    I’m nobody special and I love my two adopted Korean sons more than my own life. But even though it hurts like hell I can live with the fact that I shouldn’t have been their father. I know where they should have been.

    If I can live that, this mess can change. I believe that.

  2. ha ha ha!!!

    Do you know how many times I heard “Why don’t you go back to your own country?!!!” growing up?

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