Protest image of the day


‘새로운 진보신당 운동’ 회원들이 27일 오후 서울 서초동 ‘사랑의 교회’ 앞에서 팬티만 입은 채 “네 이웃인 비정규직을 사랑하라’는 내용의 퍼포먼스를 진행하고 있다.

Dang, they beat us to the naked performance!
This performance by members of the New Progressive Party movement in front of the Church of Love in the monied neighorhood of Seocho in Seoul is in support of the people called “irregular” workers in Korea. Irregular workers are those who are not guaranteed a steady job through their contracts.
On another note, I just want to put this out there: If you are an adoptive parent or a prospective adoptive parent, and you don’t know how what the policies or plans are of South Korea’s ministry of health welfare and family, that is because your adoption agency did not explain it to you. It is not your fault, but theirs. Can you find anyone in your adoption agency stateside who can explain it to you clearly and with 100% accuracy and assuredness? If not, ask yourself why. If not, ask yourself why you are adopting through them if they don’t even know what’s going on. What we are talking about is children’s lives and government policy, not country-of-origin rules on an FTA (although that is probably discussed by government officials in more detail and watchdogged more closely). If your agency really cares about what is going on, they would be over here finding out what is going on and reporting back. I can say with certainty that I have not met one agency representative from the U.S. at either of the two public hearings on Korean adoption law.
Now, I am Korean and I love Korean people, but I don’t think Americans should count on Koreans being forthcoming or transparent with information. This culture is about rank and personal relationship, not democracy and transparency. (That’s what TRACK is for.) So all that is to say, I don’t think PAPs or adoptive parents should let themselves get lulled into thinking we have no cultural differences and that the agencies here communicate with agencies there in the same way that you might expect American-on-American communication to happen.

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