Inauguration of S. Korean central adoption authority

Despite the adoptees’ request to be considered in the Korean law revisions, the central authority is having its inaugural celebration tomorrow. The new central authority is in the same office as GAIPS, which had never developed a relationship with the overseas adoptees because they never bothered to provide language access. Click on the new Web site and you see that it is the same now as ever. Can you read that? Are they helping you access your information? Are they helping reunite you or the people you love? This organization is basically GAIPS with a new name. In fact, they haven’t even taken the GAIPS sign off the door yet! (We physically went over and checked this today.) Most adoptees cannot go to this celebration because we were not invited or informed. But this central authority is supposed to help you — not exclude you!! What’s going on here?

TRACK representatives will protest by arriving at the meeting, but not going in, to symbolize how the we have been excluded. We do not expect you to come. We will release a video and statements about this celebration in the coming days. In the meantime, you can help by signing the petition for adoptee inclusion in the law revision process. Please ask the people who care about your rights as an adoptee to sign it too.

Petition in English

Petition in French

Petition in German

Translation of the invitation below:

To help provide centrally coordinated services of adoption resources, KCAR has been established.

The inauguration of KCAR, the first domestic foundation of central adoption resources, is held on the 15th of July 2009.

The director of the center, Lee Bae Keun, will hold the opening ceremony at the Francesco Education Hall 4th floor on July 15th at 3 p.m.

The Ministry of Social and Family Welfare has established KCAR in order to meet the United Nations agreement on children’s rights and The Hague agreement to protect children and to meet the social responsibilities that come with adoption.

KCAR is founded in response to the need for a central database that will be helpful in birth family search and supporting, administering, and evaluating organizations and institutions that are involved with domestic and international adoption. It will also rectify the decline in the quality of adoption services.

The center’s primary objective is to promote domestic adoption and improve the management of post-adoption services.

A detailed list of the center’s primary services: to run a database of adoptee and birth family information, provide counseling for domestic and overseas adoption, manage public resentment, educate Korean nationals about adoption in order to instill a Korean mindset for adoption, research and analyze the regulations and services related to domestic and overseas adoption, run and evaluate adoption programs, run international collaboration on adoption issues, and finally do the work entrusted by the Ministry over Health, Welfare and Family Affairs.

The director of KCAR, Lee Bae Keun, is confident that the center will establish an administrative and support system for domestic and overseas adoption. And so he wants to develop the “after” services of both types of adoption. To do so, he wants to raise an interest in adoption in the Korean population and eliminate social and cultural prejudices through public relations thereby creating a desirable adoption service culture.


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