Nice review of Fugitive Visions

I’ve graded 22 English essays and have 22 to go. Time for a little distraction.

A nice review came out of Fugitive Visions in L Magazine in New York. (THANK YOU THANK YOU!!) I’m glad it was nice because as far as I can see, it’s the ONLY review!

Fugitive Visions has been a very very quiet little thing, and for me that’s OK. I’m completely engulfed by TRACK so my plan is to just wait and come to the U.S. to do a little bookity book touring in February next year. I have 15 days of yearly vacation at my company, so that probably means it will be just a quick trip to California and Minnesota before heading back to Seoul. I keep having fantasies of quitting my job and driving around the U.S. for a month, but how realistic is that!? Truth is, I really like my job and it would be hard to lose it.

These days I’m busy putting the English subtitles on the video of the public hearing for the adoption law. I can subtitle 8 minutes in one hour. There are 2 hours of footage (it was cut short before the question and answer — sorry folks! I didn’t bring enough tape). It is really time-consuming work, but I enjoy it a lot.  And no, I can’t understand Korean that well. I am working from the simultaneous translation that we taped at the hearing, but that they wouldn’t agree to let us use for “broadcast.”

So, after 4-5 years of living in Korea I think my stomach is now a fully Korean stomach, meaning it’s not in good condition. All that barbequed meat, soju, salt, and hot pepper has finally caught up to me. I’ve been living basically on Gatorade and crackers, juk, and dwenjang (and tonight, a magical Coca-Cola!) for a week. Weirdly I haven’t really lost a lot of weight. (Why is that?) I resolve to eat less Korean food if I ever stop the unintended Master Cleanse. Why do people do this on purpose!? Been to the hospital twice now, and the second time I got three mystery injections plus an IV, so now I have a big TRACK mark up my arm. Ha ha … ^^  one more bad pun …


6 responses to “Nice review of Fugitive Visions

  1. What an awesome review. I could not have described your book as beautifully and eloquently. Fugitive Visions is a creative portrayal of the brutal realities in Jane’s attempt at seeking cultural identity equalization as a transnational adoptee. Bravo!

  2. Cheryl Magnant

    Hey Jane,
    Just read your blog on your poor stomach condition and I’m empathizing. Been to the hosp myself for some related stuff and a doc FINALLY told me about the need to balance the acid and alkaline, and the sodium and potassium. Gatorade and coke are gonna rip you apart like I’ve been. Thought I’d share that. Have to go back next week for his summary report since the tests are all in and am going to ask more about the “evil four”.

    BTW, thanks for sharing the first 10 min segment of the second hearing! I tried recording it but the mike was SO loud that I can hardly hear the translator. So am really looking forward to the next segments!!!

    Stay cool!

  3. Can I get your book in Korea in ENGLISH?

  4. Hey, trade you a book for a squirrel lamp.

  5. DEAL!

  6. Kate Gjerde (Strand, to you!)

    Jane! I’ve been thinking of you loads. I hear you know Robin from MN. Email me!

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