It’s official: I live in a police state

One of the stupider things I’ve seen lately in Seoul  is a bunch of riot police and several riot police buses being dispatched to control a protest by a bunch of blind people. The blind people are telling the government that giving massage is their only livelihood and they do not want the business to be opened up to sighted people.

How bad does this make the government look? I guess I hated on the 2MB govt at the KWDI talk for a long time and unfortunately provided no explanation of why I was in such a particularly bad mood that day about living in a police state. Sorry, here’s the belated explanation.

On a happier note, my old roomie came back to give me the key today (since my house is becoming KoRoot 2.0) and brought a slice of premium hanwoo with him. That is most exciting. The thought of a steak and eggs breakfast tomorrow. Mm mm!

Also, I’ve been working a lot lately but I get four days off starting from next Thursday! I’m going to use the time to prepare for Adoption Day here in Korea and clean my  house to get ready for dear HY who is going to stay here at my house next.

We have permission from the police to use the space at Bosingak for our Adoption Day puppet performance on May 10, but I wonder if they’ll send the riot police anyway!? Wouldn’t that be a hoot? I can see the headline now: “Riot police defend the public against orphans wielding giant puppets.” That would be just great.


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