Sweden, Finland, Russia, Korea


I’m back in full swing with my hectic life (please check the TRACK blog for today’s activities) but before I go on and on about the South Korean government and how much I hate passive verbs in Korean — let’s have a pleasant reminiscence.

Here I am at the Savior on Spilled Blood Cathedral on St. Petersburg, Russia (I guess already almost a couple of weeks ago already). You can read about the history of the cathedral here.

The trip to see Tobias and many friends old and new was lovely. I met Tobias in Stockholm and then we continued on by plane to Helsinki and then by train through the strategically and very much fought-over Finnish area of Karelia, and then on to St. Petersburg. Tobias is my dear friend and comrade in the fight forever, and a wonderful traveling partner, too. Thanks, Tobias, for being exactly who you are. You are more priceless than all of the things in the Winter Palace combined!


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