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Talk at Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI)



 I’m giving a talk on Thursday April 30 at KWDI. Please come! It’s free and I’ll speak English.



A leisurely weekend strolling about the seaside is not a bad way to pass the time.

Good writing

…by John Raible and Kevin Minh Allen, with a wonderful illustration by Sumeia Le Thi Williams. Check it out.

Sweden, Finland, Russia, Korea


I’m back in full swing with my hectic life (please check the TRACK blog for today’s activities) but before I go on and on about the South Korean government and how much I hate passive verbs in Korean — let’s have a pleasant reminiscence.

Here I am at the Savior on Spilled Blood Cathedral on St. Petersburg, Russia (I guess already almost a couple of weeks ago already). You can read about the history of the cathedral here.

The trip to see Tobias and many friends old and new was lovely. I met Tobias in Stockholm and then we continued on by plane to Helsinki and then by train through the strategically and very much fought-over Finnish area of Karelia, and then on to St. Petersburg. Tobias is my dear friend and comrade in the fight forever, and a wonderful traveling partner, too. Thanks, Tobias, for being exactly who you are. You are more priceless than all of the things in the Winter Palace combined!