Well said

This is from Linda Kwon who is a biracial Korean American who now works at Migrant Workers’ TV in Korea:

And your point about opening up Korea to other countries is true — it’s absolutely ludicrous. First of all, when you are still sending children to be adopted abroad, why would you think about adopting from other countries. Secondly, as this country has been so fundamentally racist to biracial children, much less children of an entirely different race/ethnicity, why on Earth would you even consider proposing such a thing. Especially in light of policies to bring in workers and then make them leave after three years expressly so they do not plant roots and stick around, why would you consider “importing” babies from these countries?? In the name of charity? Let’s start at home, shall we, there are more than enough problems to take care of here, more than enough citizens and residents that could use that support.



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