I fear that with all the work that urgently needs to be done for the adoption community before this generation is dead, writing a novel may be a waste of time.


4 responses to “Frivolous?

  1. Jane,
    Please do write another novel. Your novel is the best written about adoption that I have read. One list serve of APs and adoptees recently was debating who has the right to tell adoptee stories because an AP is writing in the voice of a Chinese adoptee, justifying it because she said that there just wasn’t a book like the one she and her daughter needed out there. I argued it still should be our voices that should be heard and not an AP to put words into our mouths. Others also pointed out the difficulty adoptees have in getting published. I even offered your name as an example of someone talented, articulate, and skilled enough to write the book she wants. Of course there must also be other adoptees to do so, too. When you write novels you speak for us. The other work you’re doing is important, but so is your writing.

  2. Ah, Kris, you make my heart smile. Thank you. ^^

  3. There has to be immense satisfaction in having your “voice” affirmed by all the readers who not only love your writing style but grow to love you. I could only wish I had enough talent to put my perspectives into verse. Do continue the important work you do but also share through your writing.

  4. Art is not frivolous. There is always work to be done. Always has been – always will be. We’d have nothing worth saving if we are only concerned about the fight.

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