Looking for Seo Bok-nam

Many amazing things happened this weekend, but first things first:

I was riding the train back from Yeosu to Seoul, and I randomly started talking to this old guy in the cafe car. He said that his friend is looking for his son who was sent for adoption to the U.S. The son was sent 35-38 years ago and is probably about 38 years old now. The friend’s son’s name is 서복남. Romanized that would look like Seo, Suh, or So / Bok or Pok / Nam. Suh Bok-nam, Seo Pok Nam or a combination of that.

I have his phone number and name so if you think you are that person whose dad is looking for you, drop me a line at jjtrenkaATgmail.com and we can get in contact with your dad’s friend. I have posted this info also on K@W and will also direct him to GOAL. He said he shares an email account with his son and will have his son send me a follow-up email.

This is not much information to go on, as even our names were changed, and we know that the agencies even lied to the Korean parents when they told them what country their children were going to, but nonetheless I believe in miracles and I hope that we will find you, Seo Bok-nam. Obviously your father never stopped thinking about you.


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