Less time on Facebook, more time with face in books

For the same reasons that you have probably have experienced yourself, I have decided that Facebook is the devil, and I am done with that. Let’s keep in touch with good “old-fashioned (?)” email, OK? I love to see all ya’ll’s photos, but you can send attachments or links to flicker or something, can’t you?

I’m going to grocery shop tomorrow for my Xmas spread following a lunch at work. On the guestlist for my 5th Xmas in Corea: Perfect Roommate, PR’s friend, my girl friend, and my guy friend. Cosy. Nice.

On the menu: Lime soju Jell-O shots topped with some weird Corean plastic oily Cool-Whip, roasted chicken with butter under the skin and rosemary, lemon, and garlic up the butt, potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, dessert, a veggie side dish (thank you guests for bringing those last three items!) and perhaps some creme de menthe spiked cocoa or mimosas and baked macaroni. Not necessarily in that order.


Thank you for visiting my blog. I no longer have time to update this blog regularly, but I appreciate your comments, even though I cannot respond to all of them. All comments (except spam) have been allowed to go through unmoderated since June 16, 2014. Any comments you see prior to that date have been read and approved by me. Thanks again, and wishing you peace and blessings.

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