Another GAIPS board translation. Wondering how anybody is supposed to find anybody when the agencies change so much information and there is so little of it to begin with. Well, for what it’s worth:

Looking for oversease adoptee Choe Geum-hee!!

Name: Choe Geum-hee

Birthdate:  July 18 1979

Father: Choe Soon-hee / Mother: Oh Geum-ja

Born at Seongsimwon (Sacred Heart of Jesus) in Seoul’s Yeondeungpo district, Singil neighborhood.

Adoption agency: KSS

Adopted to Denmark

I really want to find — please help.

Cell phone (dialing from overseas): 82-10-6347-2713 evocaz@nate.com

Please get in touch!

해외입양아 최금희를 찾습니다!!! 이름 최금희

1979년 7월 18일생

아버지 최순희 / 어머니 오금자

서울시 영등포구 신길동 성심의원 출생

입양기관:  한국사회봉사회

덴마크로 입양됨

꼭 찾아야 합니다… 도와 주세요…

010-6347-2713 핸드폰 또는  이메일 evocaz@nate.com

연락 부탁 드립니다 !!!!!!!!!!



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