Another GAIPS board translation. Italicized words are my own that I made as notes.

Looking for a child.

I’m not a qualified member here, but just in case I’ll put this out there. (rough translation!)

Dec. 6-7 1997 (the record says 7th but even with the record it’s not sure) is the birthday of the baby Han Nam-ja (“one boy baby” = John Doe?)

He was born in Chungnam Province in the city of Cheonan at Sooncheon Hospital. The mother’s name is Lee Min-hee. I checked at Holt, but there is no data. Please do a favor.

아이를 찾습니다.

자격이 없는줄 알지만..
혹시나해서 글 올립니다..
1997년12월6일~7일(혹시 7일이라 기록되었을지도 모르겠네요..) 출생한남자아이입니다.
충남 천안 순천향병원에서 태어났고.. 엄마이름은
홀트에 문의해봤더니 ..자료가 없다더군요..










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