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My perfect roommate

had homemade cinnamon rolls — made from scratch with real yeast and flour! — waiting for me the other night when I came home from work. Could anyone be luckier? … and then today, when I came home from work, the bathroom was magically sparkly clean … !!!

Bowl of “salad”


We call Jell-O “salad” in rural Minnesota.

In Korea, you can substitute soju for cold water and get a big bowl of red and green Christmas cheer. Ho ho HO!

Christmas card to myself

(after an exceptionally hard autumn):

“You are good enough for me. You are exactly what I wanted, and I will never throw you away. Merry Christmas, little Kyong-ah.”

Less time on Facebook, more time with face in books

For the same reasons that you have probably have experienced yourself, I have decided that Facebook is the devil, and I am done with that. Let’s keep in touch with good “old-fashioned (?)” email, OK? I love to see all ya’ll’s photos, but you can send attachments or links to flicker or something, can’t you?

I’m going to grocery shop tomorrow for my Xmas spread following a lunch at work. On the guestlist for my 5th Xmas in Corea: Perfect Roommate, PR’s friend, my girl friend, and my guy friend. Cosy. Nice.

On the menu: Lime soju Jell-O shots topped with some weird Corean plastic oily Cool-Whip, roasted chicken with butter under the skin and rosemary, lemon, and garlic up the butt, potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, dessert, a veggie side dish (thank you guests for bringing those last three items!) and perhaps some creme de menthe spiked cocoa or mimosas and baked macaroni. Not necessarily in that order.

꿀색 피부

The manhwa 꿀색 피부 written and illustrated by the Belgian adopted Korean Jung will be released in Korea in a Korean language edition by the publisher 길찾기. (They do cartoon books on big social issues; they also have one on comfort women called 위안부 리포트 “Comfort Woman Report.”) I had the pleasure to write a foreword  for the Korean edition of Jung’s “Honey-colored skin,”  and I tried to frame the publication in a historical and social context for Koreans. The original is in French, and it is called Couleur de peau: Miel and it is in two volumes.

This is the autobiographical manhwa that got some buzz in the KAD community because Jung talked openly about racism, suicide, mental illness and the emotional and social complexity of growing up as an adoptee in Belgium. It also shows his mixed feelings on the adoption issue. I think he handled all those topics really intelligently. If you click on the link above, you’ll see that his illustrations are also first-rate.

I have high hopes that Koreans will pick up this book. Cartoon books are so popular here now and it is another way to get the message and reality across to the wider Korean society.

I think you can understand the pictures even if you can’t read Korean or French, so I hope you’ll pick it up.

입양기관 서류 ‘제각각’, 입양아동 뿌리찾기 ‘요원’

Here is a report on one of the questions that TRACK raised at the recent National Assembly audit, regarding records and search. Any corrections to my translation are welcome.

Adoption agencies’ varying documents, staff involved in birth family search

The impediments that overseas adoptees face when searching for their roots due to the difference in documents kept about them in Korea versus the documents that were sent to their adoptive countries by the adoption agency were presented.

On Oct. 24 at the audit of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family, lawmaker Choi Young-hee (DP) of the parliament’s health and welfare committee shined a light on the problems of the difference in documents that were sent by the adoption agencies to the adoptive countries and the records that are kept in Korea, as well as the wounds that can cause.

Representative Choi followed by saying that it is a frequent occurrence that the documents sent with the overseas adoptees indicate that the adoptee was an “abandoned child,” but in Korea the records kept by the agency say the child still had parents and relatives remaining.

Representative Choi pointed out that records about adoptees are preserved permanently but depending on the person who reads the paper at the adoption agency and because of “internal policy,” they might say that it’s so difficult that there’s nothing they can ever do to search for the adoptees’ families.

The openness of adoptee records should not depend on the agencies’ judgment but there needs to be an effort to make an institutionalized supplement to the three agencies.

2008-10-24 12:28:57  

해외 입양 아동에 대한 입양국가 발송 서류와 국내 입양기관의 보관 서류가 달라 입양아동의 뿌리를 찾는 일에 지장을 주고 있다는 지적이 제기됐다.

24일 국회 보건복지가족위 소속 최영희 의원(민주당)은 복지부 국정감사 자료를 통해 해외 입양시 입양국가로 보내진 서류와 한국 입양기관에 보관된 서류가 서로 상이해 문제가 있을 수 있다며 이같이 밝혔다.

최 의원에 따르면 해외로 보내진 서류에는 ‘기아’로 표시돼 있으나 한국에 보관된 서류에는 부모와 관련된 기록이 남아 있는 경우가 비일비재하다는 것.

이에 최 의원은 입양인에 대한 기록 보존연한은 영구적이지만 입양인이 자신의 서류를 보고자 할 때 입양기관에서 ‘내부방침’을 이유로 이를 거부할 경우 입양인의 뿌리 찾기는 영영 어려워질 수밖에 없다고 지적했다.

최 의원은 “입양기관에 대한 정확한 실태조사를 통해 서류조작 등의 문제가 다시 발생하지 않도록 해야 한다”며 “아울러 입양아 서류 공개를 입양기관의 판단에 의존할 것이 아니라 제도적 보완장치를 마련해 제3의 기관에서 판단할 수 있도록 해야 한다”고 덧붙였다.


Another GAIPS board translation. Wondering how anybody is supposed to find anybody when the agencies change so much information and there is so little of it to begin with. Well, for what it’s worth:

Looking for oversease adoptee Choe Geum-hee!!

Name: Choe Geum-hee

Birthdate:  July 18 1979

Father: Choe Soon-hee / Mother: Oh Geum-ja

Born at Seongsimwon (Sacred Heart of Jesus) in Seoul’s Yeondeungpo district, Singil neighborhood.

Adoption agency: KSS

Adopted to Denmark

I really want to find — please help.

Cell phone (dialing from overseas): 82-10-6347-2713

Please get in touch!

해외입양아 최금희를 찾습니다!!! 이름 최금희

1979년 7월 18일생

아버지 최순희 / 어머니 오금자

서울시 영등포구 신길동 성심의원 출생

입양기관:  한국사회봉사회

덴마크로 입양됨

꼭 찾아야 합니다… 도와 주세요…

010-6347-2713 핸드폰 또는  이메일

연락 부탁 드립니다 !!!!!!!!!!