139. Looking for adoptee

The baby was sent just a couple of days after birth so there is no name.

The boy was born December 8, 1980.

He was sent to the adoption agency right after being born at Park Hye-ok Premature Birth center located at Gwangju Gwanyeoksi Namgu Weolsandong (translation breakdown — suggestions anyone?)

입양기관은 광주광역시 남구 월산동 박혜옥조산소에서 낳고 바로 보내졌다고 합니다.





139. 입양아를 찾습니다.

이름은 태어난지 이틀만에 보내져서 이름을 짖지 않았습니다.
생년월일은 1980년 12월 8일이며 남자입니다.
입양기관은 광주광역시 남구 월산동 박혜옥조산소에서 낳고 바로 보내졌다고 합니다.
연락처는 016-879-5315입니다.










One response to “#9

  1. (sorry – got wrapped up with some other things, will email you later today!) If the translation breakdown is just with the first part, it just says “adoption period” – as in how long it took to adopt out.

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