Looking for my younger brother (Jeong Dong-wook)

Looking for my younger brother who I was separated from when we were kids.

He was born March 1984.

Our parents were not around and it was tiring for our grandmother to raise me with my three younger siblings, so she brought us to the neighborhood orphanage. (The information of the place is: Buyongdang: Gyeongbuk Province, Gyeongju City, Noseo-dong, Hyeon child care center (Daejawon).

It appears he was sent to Holt in Pohang City from the child care center, but when I checked there, there were no written materials left behind.

At the time, the only two things they wrote down right before they sent him were his name and birthdate.

If you by any chance still have any written records left, please do me a favor and contact me.






142. 동생을 찾습니다(정동욱)

어렸을때 헤어진 남동생을 찾습니다
84년 3월 생이구요..
부모님이 안계셔셔 할머니가 저랑 밑에동생 3명을 혼자 키우기 힘드셔셔 근처에 고아원에 (부용당 : 경북 경주시 노서동 =>현 대자원) 놓고 오셨습니다.. 대자원에서는 포항 홀트에 보낸거 같다고 하는데 거기 확인해보니 자료가 없어서 이쪽으로 글을 남깁니다..
그때 당시 이름이랑 생년월일을 적어 보냈구 돌 되기 직전에 보냈습니다…

혹시 자료가 남아있다면 연락 꼭 부탁드립니다.









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