Why I love my sister

Today my sister (who was adopted with me) wrote to me, “I only wish the best for you and whatever path that is, I have faith that you will find it.”

Wah …. How wonderful. She doesn’t boss me around, tell me what I ought to do instead of what I’m doing now, or pass judgment on me. She doesn’t tell me that she’s “concerned” in that annoying way, or try to make me confess things I don’t want to, or try to make me be more like her (and we are pretty much polar opposites). My sister has faith in me. She acknowledges my growth into who I am. What a great human being. How lucky I am to have such a sister. Just having someone’s vote of confidence makes all the difference.

She’s coming to visit me in Korea soon. I can’t wait!!! I am going to stuff her silly with sushi. The rotating kind.

わんこ回転寿司 shiba eating sushi


2 responses to “Why I love my sister

  1. Isn’t your sister a famous photographer? Or does she work for a famous photographer?

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