GAIPS Board translation #7

144. Looking for my younger sister who was adopted (Kim Gu-ah)

posted Dec. 12, 2007

In 1977, in the plaza of Seoul Train Station, our mother entrusted my little sister Kim Gu-ah to an adoption broker, and some time after that our mother passed away.

There’s no concrete information about the way my little sister Kim Gu-ah was adopted but it was presumed or said at that time that the broker was connected to U.S. adoption, which the mother heard on the phone from a close friend.

I hoped that my little sister Kim Gu-ah would first search, but even until now there has been no contact.

Our father’s age as of 2007 is 78 years old and he is impatient because he can’t see the youngest child of the family, who is Kim Gu-ah.

When Kim Gu-ah was about 2 years old (++adoptees! this means 1 year old in Western age! ++) she wore something that went from her right wrist to her right elbow to immobilize that part of her body. If she didn’t have plastic surgery she probably still has a scar or a trace from that.

From Kim Gu-ah’s older brother, Kim Jeong-hun

011-4845-9036 / 02-6497-9036

144. 입양된 여동생을 찾습니다(이름:김구아)

입양된 여동생을 찾습니다.

이름 : 김구아(여)

생년월일 : 1973년 9월 24일

당시 1977년 어머님(작고)이 서울역광장에서 입양브로커라는 사람에게 동생 김구아를 맡기고 얼마후에 어머님이 돌아가셨습니다.

동생 김구아의 입양경로 등 구체적인 정보가 없지만, 추정으로 당시 브로커를 통해 미국으로 입양되었다는 것을 어머님의 가까운 지인을 통해 전해들었습니다.

혹시 입양된 동생(김구아)이 먼저 찾아주길 기대하였지만 지금까지도 연락이 되지 않고있습니다.

아버지의 연세가 현재(2007)78세이며, 막내딱 김구아를 보지 못해 안타까워하고 있습니다.

김구아는 2살 경 오른쪽 팔목에서 팔꿈치까지 중화상을 입어, 성형을 하지 않았다면 흉터나 흔적이 남아 있을 것입니다.

김구아의 오빠 김정훈.

011-4845-9036 / 02-6497-9036


2 responses to “GAIPS Board translation #7

  1. Hi,

    I am a 35 yr old female adoptee and was adopted at age 2 in 1977. Most of my life I believed I was adopted from an orphanage but recently found out that my mom told a man that she was looking to adopt a toddler girl, and then he just showed up with me a few days later. I do have a very light scar on my right forearm, although it does not look to me like a surgical scar, it is more of a scratch. While I realize this is a long shot, I would like to see if I can find out any more information or send my information (adoption papers, photos at that age). Please get in touch if you can.

    Thank you so much,

  2. Hi Cynthia, Can you send me an email at Looking forward to talking with you.

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