GAIPS board translation #6 – posted today

154. Looking for a baby sent for adoption

Then the baby had no name .. My memory might not be entirely accurate but on January 3, 2002 at 3 a.m. the baby was born. The next day it seems the baby went to Holt. The Holt person came to that place but I couldn’t even see the face of the person who took away the baby. .. My name is Kim Mee-hyun and the hospital was Yooseokgwan Ob/Gyn. Where the child was adopted to I don’t know (xxx translation breakdown!!) even I want to see a photograph once. Please find my baby.

입양 보낸 아이를 찾습니다…

당시 아이 이름은 없었습니다 .. 2002년 1월 3일인지 5일인지 정확히 기억은 나지 않고요..새벽3시에 태어났습니다 ..담으날 홀트였던것 같습니다 그곳에서 선생님이 오셔서 얼굴도 못보고 데리고 가셨습니다 ..제 이름은 김미현이고요.. 병원은 유석권 산부인과 입니다 ..아기 가 어디로 입양된건지 입양이 되긴한거지 사진이라도 한번 보고싶습니다 꼭좀 찾아주세요 


3 responses to “GAIPS board translation #6 – posted today

  1. These are utterly heartbreaking to read – and how many more are on that board and others that adoptees can’t read because of the language differences. There has got to be a way to solve that!

    Thanks so so much for doing this, Jane!!!

  2. the part where the translation broke down, she is asking whether the baby was even adopted…

    Please let me know if I can help out in any way. I have a lot of computer time at work, at night…

  3. Mama Nabi! Thanks so much for your message. Of COURSE I will take you up on your offer. Would you be willing to send me an email?

    jjtrenka at

    And I guess you have figured out why I work the night shift at a computer job, too. ^^

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