GAIPS message board

A few of my translations/explanations from the GAIPS board. You see I matched the numbers on the left side with the message numbers. I hope some others can find their families.

153. Looking for younger sister born 1987 or 1988. Sent to maternity hospital directly after birth so they don’t know which adoption agency the child was sent through. Father: Kwan Oh-woon. Mother: Lee Jong-im. Sent away because there was 1 son and 5 daughters.

150. Looking for Kim Min-kyung (girl) and the birthdate is 1979 December 6. The person is looking for you with your citizenship ID number but can’t find you. You lived in Pusan together until you were 10 years old. They don’t know how to find out if you were adopted. Your dad’s name is Kim Yong-woon. Your older brother’s name is Kim Tae-gon.

149. This person is wondering about a boy child who was sent for adoption in February 1998 from Icheon in Kyeonggido Province. She heard that the boy was sent overseas but she doesn’t know what country the boy was sent to. She wants to know if you’re doing well but she doesn’t know what she has to do to find out. She hopes you will get in contact with her.

146. In March 1996 in Gaeun-dong (neighborhood) Wonju City in Gangwondo Province I gave my baby to a Holt employee. The baby was a daughter and her name was “Haneul.” (A pure Korean name meaning “Sky”). At the time I was not yet of the majority age. Adult consent was needed but adult consent was not sent. I want to know where my baby was adopted.


2 responses to “GAIPS message board

  1. Jane, this is great. Heartbreaking and really really important. I wish I could read Korean!!!! If you ever see anyone looking for a baby born in 1974-75 from Gwangju, let me know. Hugs and love, heewon

  2. HI,
    I was adopted from korean in 1987. All i was told was that i was left at “club Sojo” in “some part of south korea”. i was left with “a note with my date of birth” (august 16th 1986). and that was all they knew about me.
    I have recently been having doubts because i have memory issues that has made me question things recently, and things do not seem to add up. I had a picture with a korean woman who i was told was the staff of the orphanage i was at and that they named me Chul-Yum.
    Either way i just want to know about my family history and if i have any living family.
    My adoptive family were white, and i have no knowledge on korean culture or language.
    i am now 29, if the birthyear they gave me was correct

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