I watched a movie online today that was linked to the Truth and Reconciliation Process of Liberia. The speakers were speaking from a Christian context, which is a little hard for me to take at times because of the connection between Christianity and adoption, plus the fact that I was raised in the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church — but I tried to get over it and tried to get something out of it. So what I got out of it was the statement, “Forgiveness is not an event, but a process.”

OK! I buy that!

So you can watch Forgiveness as a Spiritual Journey, which I was interested in because I am trying to figure out how to be more forgiving, for my own benefit, (starting out with the small things and working up to the big things, hopefully).

I also related to Pastoral Care & Counsel-Special Considerations for Working With Immigrants and Refugees, especially what Katherine Luci had to say about mental health issues. I relate to that because of being a kind of immigrant in Korea and also my past history of trauma both in the U.S. and Korea.


One response to “Forgiveness

  1. forgiveness is so hard isn’t it? forgiving my aparents for their ignorance in my adoption was the hardest thing I’ve done. Forgiving the industry for exploiting my mother/father and I, hasn’t happened yet. Maybe once I get an apology and things change will I come to a point of forgiveness. Not sure on that yet.

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