Truth and Reconciliation Commission needs your help!

Dear friends,

As you probably know, South Korea inaugurated a conservative new president in February. President Lee Myung-bak’s administration touts itself as “future-oriented” and engaging in “pragmatic diplomacy.” That means closer ties with Washington, a departure from the Sunshine Policy on North Korea, and ignoring Japanese colonial issues. In addition, President Lee comes from a big business background, and he is downsizing the government.

Part of what is being downsized is the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea (TRCK), which organization investigates past abuse of public power. Before and during the 1950-53 Korean War, more than 200,000 innocent South Korean civilians were massacred by their own police, military, anti-communist groups and even U.S. soldiers.

Now the TRCK needs your help! Since it is in danger of being downsized into extinction, we adoptees and our friends around the world have been asked to get the word out to the Western press. We need international pressure to keep the commission open and running. Please help us get the word out in the foreign media by publishing a short article or an opinion piece. You can even just blog about the commission’s work. Few people overseas know about the important work that is happening here.

Our friend at the commission is Kim Sung-soo. He is the head of the International Cooperation Team of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Republic of Korea.

Mr. Kim can be reached at

******  Mr. Kim is also helping the adoptees make a truth and reconciliation commission of their own in Korea to investigate international adoption from Korea. If TRCK disappears, it will not be good for our adoption truth and reconciliation project!!!  *************

If you get something published, please let us know so we can show the Korean government that the world cares about truth and justice!


Best wishes to you for a wonderful summer.*^^*

To see a brief movie on the commission, please click here:

You can click on these other articles to read more on mass executions of leftist South Korean political prisoners, which was witnessed by the U.S. Army.

Shooter grew ‘speechless’ at 1950 Korea killings

AP IMPACT: Thousands killed by US’s Korean ally

The commission’s website is here:


One response to “Truth and Reconciliation Commission needs your help!

  1. i am surprised that a crime of such magnitude has been successfully concealed from the public for over half a century
    the Commission needs to continue and expand the scope of its work
    thank you!

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