Reading Interrelationality: The Racial Politics of Academic Research

Thanks Indigo Williams Willing for the tip on this great paper by Damien Rigss published in Dark Matter: Contested Multiculture, in which Indigo’s paper from Outsiders Within is quoted, as well as Kristen Hoo-Mi Sloth’s paper.

Abstract: My concern is centrally with the ways in which academic research has at times been of benefit to white queers, and certain white queers in particular, and how these benefits arise precisely from the aspects of white knowledge claims that overwrite Indigenous sovereignties, or which fail to acknowledge their location within global economies of privilege and oppression. In this sense, and without undermining the discrimination faced by white queers, I highlight the racial politics of (predominantly) white queer rights claims, and locate them within a relationship to the rights claims of other marginalized groups. The article also explores the questions that have been asked by transnational adoptees, who have questioned how research conducted by non-adoptees focusing on the life outcomes of people who are adopted can adequately capture the experiences of adoptees, particularly when such research is reliant upon the logic of assimilation to assess ‘successful life outcomes’.


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