Jeong or Jung Kyong-Ah #1, #2, #3, and #4

What a day ….

Wow, I am sitting so loooow in my chair at work thanks to the world’s best massage by Mira! Thank you Mira for untwisting my back and pulling my shoulder out of my ear!

Anyway, lots to tell but I think I can’t now since I’m about to fall over and it is just too much to process any day anyway …

OK. If you have (or used to have) the name Jeong or Jung Kyong-Ah and you were sent to either the U.S., the Netherlands, or Denmark around 1972 to be adopted, would you please stand up?

I was at the Anti-corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) today (the office formerly known as the Ombudsman) and they told me that the reason why my Korean hojuk says I was adopted and got citizenship in the Netherlands (What am I talking about? Please refer to My Adoption File ) is because there were 4 kids named Jeong Kyong-Ah at that time, and they sent 2 to the U.S., 1 to the Netherlands, and 1 to Denmark.

Kyong-Ah is not THAT rare of a name, but I don’t think it’s that popular, either… Why all these other kids got my name??

(Drug-sniffing dogs cloned in S. Korea, named Toppy, Toppy, Toppy and Toppy.)

OK whatever, if you’re Kyong-Ah, Kyong-Ah, or Kyong-Ah, or if you think you are, I’m interested in knowing what else your papers say. Are your adoption papers, by any chance … MINE? Because the story on my English adoption papers (which they say is a “mistranslation” — that is a hella lot of fantasy mistranslation) AIN’T MINE!

Also, just for your peace of mind, if you read this, I asked the worker at the ACRC to try to rectify the situation for the Kyong-Ah who actually went to the Netherlands, but whose records most likely say something else. If her mom comes looking for her, she’s gonna look in the wrong country.

On this issue and so many others, I heard so many standard adoption agency excuses today. I just want somebody to say that they take responsibility — not all this “It was a mistake by the city government!” or “It’s not like that anymore!” (as if we have any way to know until all the kids who got adopted today find their parents anyway) and “At that time in our society we didn’t keep careful records,” etc. I mean, by the time I was adopted, intl adoption from S. Korea had already existed for almost 20 years and they still hadn’t got it right, and I’m sure that one of the reasons why the adoption program got so big in the first place as it was touted as being the “Cadillac” of intl adoptions due to its supposed legality and ethicality, etc.

Anyway, having to hold in all my rage instead of screaming my head off sure made me tired. A three day weekend is coming up. Thank god. Aeranwon craft bazaar from 11-4 tmw, all welcome, buy some stuff to benefit single moms who keep their kids. ASK is having a thing down by the Han River on Children’s Day.


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