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Protest for Burma…


There is a peaceful protest every Tuesday at noon to advocate for democracy in Burma. We need more people to come – please consider offering an hour of your time.

The first Tuesday of every month, it’s at the Burma (Myanmar) embassy in Hannamdong. It’s very close to the Volvo building / Hannam Supermarket. You can take the brown subway line to Hangangjin station and get out exit 2 or 3. Cross the road using the elevated pedestrian bridge. Keep walking with the neighborhood to your left and the big street to your right. You will pass the Volvo Building. You’ll see the Myanmar flag flying at the embassy shortly thereafter on your left up the hill, across from the Hannam Elementary School.

All the other Tuesdays, you can meet us downtown at exit 1 or 2 of Jonggak subway station (dark purple line) in front of Jeil Bank.burma1

I care because I’m adoptee who was sent out during a military dictatorship, and I am also a “foreigner” working in Korea. So I have two things in common with the Burmese people: the military and the foreign worker thing.

Many of the people there speak English, so please come out and meet some activists!

New Photo

The new header photo is my tribute to Damien, Remi, and Mathieu: lemurs among monkeys, friends who got each other’s backs!  I salute la Resistance!

This was taken at Everland one day before the raid on the Samsung warehouse there.