Holt spam

WordPress has this neat function that catches comment spam and puts it in a separate place.

Look who I got spam from today — with a link straight to a site promoting international adoption. Does anybody still want to dispute whether this a consumer-driven business?

Do I prefer the Asian porn spam, the buy-a-foreign-bride spam, or the buy-a-foreign-baby spam? Hm… tough call. They should put together some kind of package deal for certain people — a lot of money could be made. More cross-marketing, people! Reduce those logistics costs!! Work with me here!!!
holt international adoption agency | searchonlinechild.info/adoption-agency-international/love-basket-international-adoption-agency | IP:

  1. holt international adoption agencyThank you for the article. I needed this.Jan 10, 6:34 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — Fool’s Gold: International Adoption from South Korea

One response to “Holt spam

  1. Really strong.

    Hello Jane,

    I’m french-spanish and I am not an adoptee. I found you as I was asking myself why a rich country today was still sending babies to foreign countries to be adopted. I am not against childrens adoption from anywhere and do not see the domestic adoption as a best solution either. That depend of many things, I think. I believe that what a child needs it’s lot of love without disruptions during his upbringing.

    I said I don’t disagree with intercountries adoptions… but on certain conditions (respecting the Hague convention at less.). In South Korea it looks like a humanitarian mission turned into a lucrative business. I understand through your actions that you want to put a stop to such ” business export” and that we are already trying to reduce. I do hope that it won’t turn into an internal market. That is why I think the most important goal of your action is to promote a social policy to help people in difficulties keeping their children and to promote a campaign to make evolve their mentalities on families,on women and sexuality in particular. There I agree on Mr Boa’s and yours thinkings or/and actions.

    I brought your fight to the attention of European adoptees, mainly French-speaking. They are much fewer than American… but I thought they had to aware of it. I brought to their attention the petition of ASK via the french forum of “Racines Coréennes”, here: http://forum.racinescoreennes.org/viewtopic.php?t=5810 . I do not know if you understand French, but I hope I didn’t misunderstand you and that I didn’t report your ideas badly. Do not hesitate to correct me or to speak about it more. One will translate as well as possible if you do it. One will not wonder too much about your motivations, not as for me (laughter).

    I admire what you do.

    Sorry for my english. It’s easier for me read it than writte it.

    Bonne année !!! or ¡¡¡ feliz año nuevo !!!


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