Lessons learned, fun to be had

Despite the fact that my romantic relationships have a tendency to end badly, I learn from each one. For that, I thank the men in my life! Konbae!!! glug glug glug …

 A lesson from earlier this fall was about money. Basically, I’m miserly toward myself. Sure, I’ll spend lots of money on dinner with friends, send money to charities, etc., but when it comes to myself, I could easily turn into one of those people who eats cold oatmeal every day in an effort to save money, and after I’m dead they’d find a million dollars stashed inside the mattress. HOWEVER, this fall, I learned that other people have no problem taking 3 million of my won and spending it. So I thought, why should I feel guilty about having fun with my own money? Other people don’t!

 This week’s lesson (which daily viewing of Oprah Winfrey on the American Armed Forces Network helped reinforce) is that one shouldn’t wait around to do the things one wants to do. If one is suddenly inspired to do all sorts of things when she makes a boyfriend, one should take that as a good sign that those are the things she wanted to do in the first place, and shouldn’t let the lack of a boyfriend a few days later stop her from doing them. For instance, if I were like that guy on Oprah who was about to die of pancreatic cancer, I would sure move my butt and do the things I want to do right now

 So here is what I’ve done with my life on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (besides go to work).

 1. Attended scary, mandatory, invasive military-like medical appointment for work. Though I wanted to cry on somebody’s shoulder about it later, I survived by only complaining to friends in detail over email. Began weightlifting programme on advice from doctor. Did a good job brushing my teeth, as mentioned below.

2. Confirmed that I am in the clear with the IRS.

3. Picked up Korean-issued Visa card in order to better buy things for me me me.

4. Registered stamp with district office in order to better sell my Hyundai Sonata.

5. Went to preliminary appointment at Teng Teng Skin Clinic. Hm… should I spend 600,000 – 2 million won getting my freckles taken off? This one is optional for me (I don’t see my own face anyway), but my Korean sisters are convinced this is a medical emergency… hm… still thinking….

6. Met up with the world’s nicest, most helpful car dealer, who sold my Hyundai Sonata for me on the base and got me into this nice little number (approximately):


A Hyundai Atoz!!!! I got my macho back on with a stick shift and made it from Itaewon to Gwanghwamun in a matter of minutes — I didn’t even know that was possible!!! It handles GREAT and gets 49 miles to the gallon. Awesome city car. Super-maneuverable, just the right amount of technology.

7. Talked with pretty secretary at work about getting my own parking space in the company ramp — no more standing outside in the cold waiting for the bus, and then standing out there again waiting to transfer!!

8. Booked airline ticket to Beijing. Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square — here I come!

9. Made reservation at the Jade International Youth Hotel for three nights. Ah yes, a weekend trip to China.


Looking forward to traveling alone for the first time since I started coming to Korea alone (sort of) and meeting all kinds of interesting strangers. Looking forward to seeing how it is, again, to be completely lost. Looking forward to being completely foreign.

10. Listened to criticism of my work with an open heart, telling myself that my company wants me to improve because they think I’m worth keeping, and they are helping me to improve by being specific.

 What might the rest of the week hold?


2 responses to “Lessons learned, fun to be had

  1. My times of recovery from lost love have been some of my best adventures. Not that I would ever choose them, but perhaps making the choice between giving up and healing is part of the magic. It’s a kind of resurrection, isn’t it?

    Oh and hey, thanks for the toothbrushing tip. I have never been able to figure out how to go up and down on the insides of my teeth. I gave up the electric toothbrush because it was doing a lame job, but it never occurred to me to vibrate the brush with my own hand. My gums are so grateful for your blog!

  2. Great post! You continue to inspire me by putting your writer’s eye to your life to share it with readers. Glad to know it’s all good with the IRS!

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