Daily Archives: June 15, 2007

Gorge on cheap Korean food

분식 (BOON SHEEK) is Korean fast food. It is dirt cheap and it is what often passes for Korean restaurant food in the States. After awhile it is MAT OPSO (has no flavor) but at first it is like heaven.

(Did you notice how in adoptee grammar, a whole phrase can become a single adjective!?!?! Our new improved homemade international adoptee Korean is way more fun than “native speaker” Korean…. ha ha ha!!! See what they are missing out on!?)

I highly advise all my peeps coming to Seoul for the Gathering to start learning the Kimbap Nara menu on Mary Eats. You will be able to eat fairly deliciously at many such 분식 places — they all serve basically the same things — and you will also be saved from eating pre-packaged food out of the convenience store or going to McDonald’s for the millionth time. (Although the nature of McDonald’s does change in Korea… it is more delicious than you ever dreamed possible…. and the nature of ramyun also changes after midnight, when you put a slice of processed American cheese on it… food can be magic here….)

Combine anything (name of food here) + (chuseyo) and the rules say they have to give it to you.

Remember, look for the sign that says 분식 (BOON SHEEK).

Eat deliciously.