Adoption industry hacked to death

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, August 5, 2007 (Impoverished Women’s News) — A digital data flood initiated by hackers has rung the death knell for the international adoption industry.

Over the past several months, anonymous users have hacked international adoption agencies to bits, shutting down e-mail, freezing up Web sites and servers, infecting computers with weird Asian viruses, and causing agencies to lose valuable information stored on computers. Thousands of adoption case files have all but evaporated, and advertising for adoptive parents — for the children of living but impoverished women — over the Internet has necessarily ceased.

Reports through postal mail have confirmed that many children who were just a few months ago “available” for adoption have been reabsorbed into their families or adopted domestically, pissing off at least 20,000 propsective American adopters. A $1.4 billion dollar business in the U.S., the adoption industry continues to lose untold amounts of revenue as consumers scramble for refunds.

“We put a second mortgage on our house for this adoption and held a fundraiser at church,” said one disappointed prospective parent. “Now all we have is this grainy photograph of a child whom we (are deluded enough to think we) love, even though we’ve never met her (nor do we give a fig about her natural family).”

“However,” she added, “since I don’t have to worry about the weight restriction on adoptive parents now, I’m going to eat all the doughnuts I want!! Whoo hoo!”

Authorities suspect the hackers to be involved in a global ring, since a giant network of computers seems to have been used to attack the agencies’ computers. Many attacks were traced to IP addresses in PC rooms in South Korea, where anonymous users can use log in to computers in any urban area. Coincidentally or not, South Korea, one of the world’s most wired countries, is also the world’s largest exporter of adopted children to the West.

Thanks to the IHT for a good idea.


One response to “Adoption industry hacked to death

  1. Adoptive parents like that make me sick to my stomach, I love how they only seem to care for themselves. That really makes me angry.

    I am mad that there is valuable information like files are gone.

    I am really not sure what to say on this subject, mostly that I wonder how this all will end?

    -Soo Kyung-

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