Chickens launch eggs on Halt

SEOUL, August 1, 2008 (Impoverished Women’s News) — A guerilla group of overseas adoptees Tuesday night vandalized the offices of Halt Adoption Agency, wreaking untold amounts of stinking destruction upon the building.

The overseas Korean adoptees — identified only by their surnames Park, Kim, and Lee — became drunken, dressed in chicken costumes, and drove stolen chicken delivery scooters to the office, where they unleashed 157,000 – 200,000 rotten eggs upon the outside of the building.

“Each egg is a symbol of one overseas adoptee,” cackled one resistance fighter. “We are dressed as chickens to point out the absurdity of Westerners calling our Korean mothers ‘biological mothers,’ as if they are laying hens.”

The drunken chickens dropped pamphlets stating their support for an immediate overseas adoption ban before they left this stunned reporter in a cloud of scooter smoke and sulfur!!!!!!!!!!!

It is unknown how the heat and intense sunshine of Seoul will react with the rotten eggs on the Halt Adoption Agency building in the upcoming days, when many adoptive families are scheduled to visit the building.


2 responses to “Chickens launch eggs on Halt

  1. I’m in!

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