Gender Empowerment Ranking

Once again, let’s look at Korea vs. the top countries to which adoptees were sent. The OECD makes this composite ranking based on many factors including economic and political and empowerment of women and health.

Norway – 1
Sweden – 2
Denmark – 4
Belgium – 5
Netherlands – 7
Australia – 8
Germany – 9
Canada – 11
U.S. – 12
New Zealand – 13
Switzerland – 14
Italy – 24
Japan – 42
South Korea – 53

To place S. Korea in context, Chilean women fare slightly better with a ranking of 52, while women in Botswana fare slightly worse with a ranking of 54. Korean women earn $0.46 for every $1.00 a man makes.

The mass international adoptions of the children of single Korean mothers is a feminist issue because it has to do with reproductive choices and economic empowerment. Yet international adoption is not inevitable; it is governments that allow international adoption. I don’t see any adoptions from Botswana lately.

France, and Luxembourg did not get a ranking (I don’t know why). Out of curiosity, I looked at China, which is not an OECD country, but they didn’t get a ranking either.

More statistics at OECD


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